Friday, 23 December 2016

What two emails taught me

I received two thought- provoking emails almost at the same time recently.

Task one comes from email one which requires that I change a few words and the title of my report. Bang, I finished task one almost as soon as I saw the mail. Task two comes from another email which requires me consider A to Z, ground to sky, hair to heel, calculate godzillion of the godzillion, and include them in a report.

Guess which task did first?

Task one of course. 

As for task two, it's too much of a hassle to complete it, and I procrastinated, until I couldn't anymore, and completed it at the end of the day. 

Now, what if we change the tasks to our goals. Which one is more likely to be achieved? I would bet on goal one. But many would argue that such small and simple stuff is unlikely to amount to something significant. But, if we were to do many of such small and easy task, 积少成多, it would accumulate into something significant. Ya?

It's human to be put off things that are too difficult, too tedious, and too complicated.

As such, while I am preparing for my long term goals, and writing my monthly goals, I make it a point to split it into something so small and chew-able, so that I will be motivated to work on them. And yes, I hate to drag. Once something has to drag on, I'll lose the momentum to continue. If that task can be completed in one shot (may in a few hours), then the likelihood for it to be completed is higher.

Keep it simple, get it done.

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