Monday, 19 March 2018

If I could turn back time...

If I could turn back time...

If I knew I would have kids in my early to mid thirties, I would have spent my twenties working hard to earn as much money as possible, save as much as possible, and learn investing early. Get a home, and complete my home mortgage by then. Make my twenties the time of my life in career and finance.

Once that is settled, then my thirties is the time I can YOLO- ing, with my kids. My kids will only love to spend all their time with me in their early few years, maybe ten at most? So from my thirties to my early forties, I will spend as much time as I want and they want, with them.

 I have not managed my twenties very well. So now, I have to manage my limited resource - time, with career and kids.

In mid forties to fifties, very likely, my career is on the downhill. By then, even if I have the time, would an employer prefer a young person or an old one?

Well, it's never too late for anything, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. But like all things, the earlier the better.

But, if I can turn back time, I would change my twenties.

Well I know, you cannot turn back time. You can only change today and the future, starting from today.

Have a productive week ahead.


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