Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Time to MUG!

It's time to MUG now! Long time since I have done so.

I am (supposed to be) preparing for an upcoming examinations, that will take place in just 15 days, as part of upgrading my skills.

However,  I have yet started studying! The works of procrastination. The study material is 13 chapters long (so possible for 1 chapter per day), and 578 pages. With 2 days of buffer (meaning if I were to finish studying in 13 days), it would be about 50 days per day. How does that sound?

I realize, apart from my current business, my priority should be to study for this examinations, but yet, I have been looking at all other stuff but this, e.g. surfing the net, blogging (which is what I am currently doing).

I'm going to put time and effort into this examinations now, and stop right here.


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