Saturday, 28 November 2015

Finding Passion from Impulse

I was brainstorming on the items for the three new businesses that I was thinking of, and was having a severe mental block. As such, rather than going for businesses, I was wondering, why not try out things that I have an impulse to do, but have never tried.

I'm not a passionate person. And if you were to ask me what I really liked, I can't really tell you. But there are many things that I sometimes have an impulse to do, but am deterred by some limitations, self- doubt, and more importantly -- laziness and high inertia.

I read a super interesting article on having many passions and how to go about it. The conclusion I have is that, there are too many naysayers (including ourselves around). And if we limit ourselves to only what we are doing now, because of these "advice", we will forever be at the same step. So if you have an impulse for something, go try it, and only doing it, then would you know yourself better, and whether you have the passion for that.

As such, I tasked myself in coming out with a list of items I have an impulse for.

Impulse #1: Small Scale Gardening (within a 1 m2 area)

I think I like to grow plants (those that produce something that can eat). When I was in primary school, we were supposed to grow green beans to look at some overcrowding, etc. After the experiments, I brought home my green bean plant, and let it grow till it gave a pod of seeds (before drying out). My home also grew bitter gourd. It bore us 2 small but super bitter gourd before my parents uprooted it, as living in HDB flat, it is getting too big, and is going to invade into our neighbor's place.

I grow mint plant in my office, and experiment with some other items as and when. For a period of time, I was also quite interested in regrowing items such as Bok Choy from their stems. Though the experiments turn out not successful, I enjoyed myself.

Being a very pratical person, I always wondered are we able to feed ourselves with a home garden? I believe, I have at most 1 m2 of space for growing space for the plants. So, with this limited space, my aim is to maximize food production.

Impulse #2: Be A Celebrity

I always love to watch singing competition like this and this, and the songs always resonate in me. I know my voice cannot match most of the top singers, but I would always like to cut an album. Don't let me catch you laughing. Why not?

And I have learnt the piano for many years, and am still playing it. So why not ya?

Impulse #3: Teach

I have been a tutor for a long time, and honestly, I enjoy myself during the lessons, and when I was in University, and business was quite good then. So why not revive the teaching business I once had?

Impulse #4: Be an Author

School never told me that I could write. The only time I had my article selected for publication was when I was in primary school, when I sent an article to the Chinese Papers. After that, I had not submitted any, so I have never known my skills.

But today, to be an author is so easy. You can self- publish e.g. on Amazon, or even on blogs. So honestly, there will be nothing stopping me from publishing (the only thing is whether there will be people reading).

My this blog currently averages less than 10 pageviews per day, sometimes 0. "-_-

Impulse #5: Be An Artist

When I was in school, my art was always a B or worse. Most of the time, I didn't have the patience to do it, so all art pieces are done and completed within the one hour time frame that the teacher gave us. 

Well, but I guess as I grow older, I started doodling, and while drawing life sketches is a NO NO for me, simple cute stuff are still ok. So I would like to try my hands at art and crafts. Let's see how it goes.

Making Money from the above impulses?

Making money from the above impulses aren't going to be feasible at first sight. Perhaps, apart from teaching (where I get some money from tutoring), but since these are really part time stuff, I don't expect to earn the amount I desire for side income. Some of the impulses may end up with negative cash flow (I need to pump energy and some money into it, but I don't see any real revenue stream coming in). 

But I guess by acting on these impulses, I am more interested in finding out what I like, and more importantly, to know myself even better.

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