Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Pipe work is child's play

I added a additional point for my washing machine to my parents' home recently. The plumbing job for adding a tee followed by tapping the pipe to the washing machine, and ending off with a on/ off tap for the washing machine. The plumber took along a kid along for the job, and was telling the kid to do this and that. The job was completed in a few hours, and the workmanship was... hahaha, some of the screws were slanted, and the plumber told us to on the tap after at least 3 hours (I know why). And all the water smelt of glue... The kid spilled loads of glue at my place. All this for a whooping $280!

Anyway, enough of my complains.

This incident lead me to thinking, there are tasks that are simple enough even for kids to do, but we engage contractors to do it. Are we too reliant on them? Particularly for Singapore, where for renovation, we almost ask contractors to do almost everything for us, although the task may not be difficult, and the contractor's price comes with a high price tag.

This reminds me, in my previous job, as I was doing a lot of design, and commissioning (very mechanical stuff), I went for a pipe fitting course by swagelok.  It  was a good course, with a lot of hands- on. For small pipes (1" or less), doing the bending, etc. isn't too hard. And it's fun. I remembered my skills aren't good, but ok enough.

Swagelok's Tube Fitter Manual which I still keep

And in fact, the tees, and pipe installation to the tees, plus the supports are things that I should know how to do. Only thing is buying those pipings and valves (which shouldn't be too expensive).

Which reminds me, next time when I get my home, it will be good to have some DIY, rather than be completely at the mercy of contractors.

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