Saturday, 23 December 2017

2017 in review - Current Business

It's just a week before we usher into 2018. Having done a year of review for the finance sector, it's time for me to review about my accomplishments in the current business (essentially my day job) and to plan for 2018.

2017 hasn't been so so for me. Career wise, this is the year where I feel that I have been left to "rot", and it's a year where I see the future of my career stagnating. There is no signs of promotion for me, in the near future, nor is there any signs of a change in the role (for the better) for a long time to come. It seems that I have been forgotten, or overlooked for most things. I attribute this to a lack of networking within my own organization.

In terms of pay, my pay increment has been in line with the organization's overall pay increment. With no promotion, it's a normal increment to adjust for inflation and so on. I have come to realise that significant pay increase only comes with either a change of job or promotion. Having been in the same role, same grade for almost three years, it's time I look at increasing my pay significantly. For the same amount of time and risk I put into the job, I prefer to go for the one that pays more, as it simply means a better appreciation of my efforts.

Thus in 2018, the focus will be on better networking, and also to explore better opportunities.

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