Sunday, 21 January 2018

Three important words

I remembered my previous manager telling us, never to say "yes" to a client who wants us to meet/ finish something the next moment. His reason -- you won't be appreciated, and they will just take you for granted. 

He was right. Firstly, psychologically, clients appreciate slightly delayed response better because if you take more time, it means it is better thought out. And you are busy. Of course they appreciate you putting in time and effort for it. On contrast, if you give an immediate response, anything wrong it's because you do it too quickly with little effort. Also, since you can respond so quickly, you must be very free. Furthermore, next time, they expect it to be quicker, or if not as quick, since you are so free. Of course, you need to balance the delay (not immediate, but not too slow).

Have you noticed this in the family relationship as well? When kids grow up, you notice, parents (and parents- in- law) are often complaining about the one who is usually there, and full of praise for the one who is more absent. The psychology behind this? The one who is always there is free, but the one who is seldom there comes even though he or she is so busy. Who do you think seem to be putting more effort from the parents' (or parent-in-law's) point of view?

Slow down. If it's not life- and - death issue, some delay do not harm.

Say no. You should put your priorities first.

Respect your time. It's your time, not others. You decide.

"Say nothing"; "No"; "Wait".


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