Sunday, 9 December 2018

2018 in review - Finance and Career


It's just three more weeks before the end of 2018. With the dividends and coupons in already, it's time to wrap- up the finance performances for this year.

This is the year of the telecommunications for me. Only sale of the year is M1, while I purchased Singtel, Starhub and Lippo Malls Trust.

Dividend - $4,120.20
Current Market Value - $50,440
Realized Gains - $1235.89
Paper Losses - $4,396.65

2. Bond Investing

I talked about the Singapore Savings bonds having a relatively good short term interest here previously. Apart from the SSB that I bought at the beginning of the year, no other bonds were purchased.

Coupon Received - $4,359.10; 
Redemption Value - $140,000
(market value not considered, as there are no plans to sell them before redemption date for the time being).

When I did a simple calculation, this is about 3.11 % of the redemption value. Not too bad for bonds.

3. Endowment Plan

No endowment plans bought this year. And I guess, I am not buying them anymore going forward which I discussed about here. However, I am still holding on to my Maxsave and Maxgrowth. This year just involves paying the premiums for the Maxgrowth policy. One more year to go to fully pay for this policy.

When I look at this year's bond performance, makes me really wonder the value of endowment plans. Well, of course, you will need the bonds e.g. FCL and CMT (read more here and here) to bump up the interest compared to Singapore Saving Bonds.

Assumed value - $72.198.35

4. Debt

My current debt will be the mortgage for my resale flat. To calculate net debt, the formula is used:
(outstanding amount - CPF OA savings of me and partner)/2

This is divided by 2 since my partner and I are responsible for the monthly repayment.We manage our finances totally separately.

Net Debt - $70,000


2018 is a terrible year for career.

I competed with my colleague for a coveted role, but failed. With this failure, the colleague moved on and left me her previous work. It's the losers clearing the shit. My job is terrible from then on. Tried for other jobs in other companies, but didn't get them either. Hence, still in my current role and job. 

Well, it's a good lesson learnt and to remember. Never stay in the same role on the same grade for more than 3 years. If you stay too long, your value (to the company and outside the company) drops. Also, it gets harder to move.

Nonetheless, the mission for next year is to work harder to get out of my job.