Friday, 17 January 2020

2019 in Review

It's 2020 for more than half a month now, and I am only doing a review now. I have been really busy, really really really busy as I mentioned here...


2019 was a year of self- discovery. I come to realize that I had been having a very negative outlook of people and things, and started to change. At least, now when I realize I am having negative thoughts, I will "nudge" myself.  Also, I stop thinking that people are responsible for my predicament, but rather decide that it's up to me to build my dreams. There are people who are close to me who may give me advice based on their life experiences and their mentality, but I have no obligation to act on them if they are against my wishes. It's just their advice ya. Overall, I am more happy than I used to be which was a great plus.


I am in a career rut and I almost decided to leave my current company. Well, I didn't and I think it was okay, as now I have a new mentality. My aim is just to coast. Anyway, I am good at what I'm doing, and only need a fraction of the time to complete my work. So why not stay. The morale at my company is terrible now, and the managers themselves are also demotivated (or I suspect actively job hunting), so they are also coasting. No one is actually pushing me at all.  In the long run, this is not good for my development, but until I find a new job that fits what I want, why not stay and collect the payout while the company still wants to employ me.

I am also exploring the possibility of coming out on my own, more on being a distributor for engineering products. So if you are a supplier and looking for a distributor, do consider me. Drop me a mail.


I didn't look at personal finance this year. Was too involved in other items. It's great Stockscafe continued to track my stocks and dividends.  Current stock value now stands at $50,735, with total dividends collected being $3006.05.

For bonds and endowment, there had been no changes compared to 2018. Only change is I'm going to finish paying for my Maxgrowth plan this year.