Friday, 15 January 2021

My Current Aspiration

 I was talking to my friends and many were thinking of quitting their job to set up their business, focus on looking after their kids and so on. Well, we are are just some wannaquitters. Want to quit only, but won't okay.

But anyway, we were talking about what we want to do. Some want to take some tuition and spend their other times with kids, some want to do businesses and so on. But... For me.... I just want to do nothing. Wake up when I feel like, binge on tv when I feel like, eat when I feel like it and so on.

I am in the stage of life where I just need enough to survive and I just want the freedom to do whatever it want. Why set up a business when you have to go for meetings at times when you don't feel like. How different is it from a job. Why be a tutor when on cozy days like now what you want is to lie in bed and rest and not teach.

Okay, I am not promoting laziness. But I guess if I were to transition out of work, I will most likely be spending what I have rather than trying to figure out how make money every day. I watch youtube and the youtubers showing how much they made and so on. And I wonder how much time they spend making that film, responding to comments on YouTube and more. I admire the efforts they spend, and of course they truly deserve it. But.... If I were to quit, I want to have nothing much to do, unless of course I really want to.

If I hear someone saying this a few years back, I would probably call this fella a bum and think he or she is wasting life away. But now, I think that is living. Doing what you want when you feel like it.

And yes, I just feel like blogging now while eating lunch. Work time you know.

Anyways. Have a great weekend.