Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ms. CEO On Board

According to humanresources.about.com, the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is to be the overall in charge for the strategic direction of an organization. And the CEO is responsible for all components and departments of a business.

Welcome to Ms. CEO's blog!
This is where Ms. CEO, (i.e. ME) blogs about her organization (i.e. my life).

We can be CEOs

We can all be CEOs of at least one organization --- ourselves. You see, we are the overall in charge of our life, and ultimately responsible for all aspects of it. Most of us have the choice to decide what we want to achieve in our life, and execute a plan to achieve it.

It may sound easy --- decide on the goals and move towards it. This is particularly so in a modern society where people have pretty much a say in how they want to lead their life. In the country that I live in, Singapore, I would say that most of us are fortunate enough to be able to move our own organization towards a desired direction. However, I realize not many are CEOs of their own life. Many are just  running their life as a routine, or just following the herd mentality without asking themselves whether what they are doing truly matches what they genuinely want --- these are people akin to being employees (a nice work to slave) of their own life.

Me as an Employee of Life

I used to be a slave of my own life. I aim to do what everyone is doing, and aim to win whichever rat race I am in. I want to be perceived as the best of the best.

In primary school, I was the number 2 in my primary school in terms of primary school leaving examinations (PSLE) score. I looked at my score, and got into the best school I could with a PSLE score of 263. I studied very hard in secondary school, aiming to top as many subjects as I could, and achieved 9 A1s, and 1 B3 (sob!). Nonetheless, I got a L1R5 of 6 (perfect score), and got into the top junior college  (JC) then . This cycle continues. I scored pretty well in my A Levels, scored A for all A level subjects (but not very well for my general paper, with only a B4), and even did the then special paper ('S' paper), and obtained distinctions for both.

My life took a setback after JC. I did not get any scholarships that I desired. Well, on reflection, it's simply because I focused all my efforts on the routine (just wanting to do well for my exams), and no focusing on why I want such achievements and what I want to do with them, and I guessed, the interviewers could see it. I stayed in Singapore for my degree, and completed it --- with a first class honours.

During my university years, I was very engrossed in making money. I would say I spent more time making money than anything else. I gave tuition, as though I was a full time tutor, and this paid for my university fees, vacations, laptop and other electronic stuff which I liked. Still, I haven't changed, being engross in routines, without a purpose.

After graduation, I got offers from two top companies, and chose the more reputable one, only to quit after a short while (less than a year), as I dread going to work. My second job paid $50 more than the first, and while I enjoyed it at first, I was going no- where, as it had no prospect, which I took quite some time to realize (3 years!) Armed with the knowledge of what I want in a career, I went to look for a third job, and found a suitable one. Today I am in it for 3++ years, and going. However, upon staying in the same job for quite some time, the lost feeling came.

I reflected about it. Is the rat race the only thing I am living for? Am I simply following what I should do, simply to not be left behind? Am I making decisions based only on prestige and herd mentality instead of what I really want? The answers to the questions were YES!

And I thought, "Is this really what I want?" The answer was a resounding NO!

I want to empower myself, and be the CEO of my life!

About Ms. CEO's corporate structure

I used to be a typical employee, focusing only on one area, when I was young, it was studying; after I graduated, it was work.

Now that I am Ms. CEO of my own organization, I have set up departments. This departments are areas that I would like to focus on.

At Ms. CEO's company, the motto is to let Ms. CEO lead a fulfilling life, achieved by each of the following departments doing their job well. Each department is lead and run by Ms. CEO, with occasional outsourced help.

Ms. CEO has a very flat corporate structure, with six departments:
December 2016 update: Going forward, Ms. CEO's company will be focusing only on 4 departments - Health, Finance, Current Business, New Business. I share more about this here.

The Ms. CEO Blog

Welcome to Ms. CEO's blog. This is a blog about my life. I am the CEO of my life. In this blog, I will be writing about how my various departments are doing, and which direction they are moving towards. In addition, Ms. CEO's company does experiments from time to time, to see what works (and what not).