Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What's so great about travelling?

I talked about not travelling anywhere for my this block of leave I am taking from work. Well, on contrary, most people I know spend most of their leave on overseas holiday. I used to do that, until one of the vacations made me realize what I really want from a vacation.

Vacation of Realization @ Iceland

It's my vacation to --- Iceland

I was here on a self- drive tour last year in April, and this is the only place, that I feel sad to go home, after more than a week here. Usually, by the last day of any vacation, I would want to go home as I missed my family, our food, my bed, etc. But this vacation was different.

The photos below are all taken by me when I was at Iceland last year. They are not from some postcards.

What did you notice?

I could take photos without anyone inside!

The reason why I loved Iceland is because you can be truly yourself. No need to act because there is not many people you can act in front of (particularly I'm on a non- package tour).

Iceland is so sparsely populated outside Reykjavik, that on most of the self- drive, I see cars and people only occasionally. The world seems to revolve around me when I'm there, and I feel totally relaxed.

So after that vacation, I realize that what I really love is ME time, being able to do things without noise (whether approval or disapproval, etc.) from others. And this makes me totally relaxed.

So as long as this can be achieved, whether going overseas or not is not an issue. I will enjoy myself.

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