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How bad is inflation?

 I decided to head out for lunch with my partner yesterday. And we went to a coffee shop for our chicken curry which we hadn't  have for maybe a year? It was a nice bowl of curry with noodles, chicken, beancurd skin and potatoes, as I remember. It was great tasting, and the last time I remembered it was $4 a year ago.  I was looking for my CDC voucher in my phone without being aware of the signboard, when my partner signal me to go home. And I soon realized why.... It was $6 a bowl. And for both of us, that would be $12. While I could pay with them with CDC vouchers, (thanking myself for paying taxes), I couldn't stop but ponder, did inflation went up by 50 percent over a year, or did my memory fail me. Nevertheless, I decided I wouldn't pay that amount for my meal, particularly if it is just to make myself full. Instead, my partner cooked that day. Thanks to COVID, and working from home, he is now an excellent cook. Much better than me. I aim not to get food poisoning when
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Why 2 phones

Writing this to remind myself... In the past few days, there are many reports of phishing attacks which resulted in people losing huge amount of money. I looked at the news, and I could be the one... I received that sms.... And on that day when I looked at the sms, I was in a good mind state. And did not click on the link. Today, I received another phishing sms. And I wasn't in a good mind state ( I was busy with things), and I clicked on the link. It looked real, except for (see below)... It directed me to a site to key in the details (email, name, address, etc.). Then, finally ask for a payment... I stopped. I called up the company and asked why... And they told me it was a scam. Looking closely at the website given, there was a dash! How could I have missed it! I realized I'm a reactive person. When I'm busy with stuff, or so on, and some provocative emails/ sms comes, I'll react. And this worries me...  To protect my money, I remind myself these: - stop, think, thin

Goals for 2022

Happy New Year! The start of the year is when everyone work in vigour towards their goals? What are your goals for the year? In my previous posts, I reviewed my performance in the 6 sectors: career, finance, health, family, personal development and side hustle in 2021. I also read  my goal back in early 2021 , which still resonate with me. In particular this --- when I am 40, I don't want to ask for permission to take leave. It's not I want no work, but rather I want to have the autonomy to do what I want at a time that works best for me. This philosophy guides my goals for 2022.  In this year's goals, I've set it to be action based, and hence controllable, rather than result based ( which aren't within my control). Health : - run 1.6 km for 100 times ( or 160 km in all in 2022). - eat 200 low carb lunches/ dinners - complete all 6 tiers of National Step Challenge Family : - 30 bonding activities - home improvement project (since I am home so much more often!) Finan

A Year in. Review for 2021 - Side hustles ( Part 6)

This is the last part of my year in review for 2021. This post is on side hustles. I tried online teaching and used the Udemy platform. I uploaded my first online course ever. I got sales, but also learn that instructors get probably $2 or so per course sale on Udemy. Total amount earned in 2021 - $5 ( for 2 sales). I did consultancy as a sub- contractor for a friend who clinched a deal. And, I earned a low 4 digit for a few hours of work. And learn that getting work done is the easy part. Getting the business is the hardest, and perhaps the more valuable part.  I then understand why Udemy pays me $2 per course sale. They did the hard work of getting me sales. I did the easy thing. I realized marketing and sales are very important processes and that's why they are worth the money. They bring in the money. The easy part is actually to do the job/ produce something, which if not location dependent is easy to outsource cheaply. Overall, 2021 was a good year in terms of side hustle. No

A Year In Review for 2021 - Personal Development (Part 5)

2021 was a year I see learning in a different light. Change the way I learn And it was thanks to my daughter. Let me share my story. My partner and I had been teaching my daughter piano. And the modern way to teach piano is to skip the basics and go to teaching to play songs. This way you raise the motivation level to learn piano. So shortly after my daughter started piano lessons with us, she could play a few simple songs ( with many stops in between). But after some time, she stop advancing. She has weak fingers. She has limited memory to remember the songs we taught her - since she was music illiterate. We took a step back and went back to the boring music theory. And worked on note reading, rhythm, music notation and so on. We also spend more time on hand exercise. This seems to be walking us backwards at first, but once she was able to read music, and had stronger fingers, she could advance forward easily. The improvement was obvious. It reminds me of how I learn things in recent

A Year in review for 2021 - Family (Part 4)

This is part 4 of 6 of my year in review of 2021. In this post, focus is on family or family stuff. 2021 is a good year for family. Most of the time was spent working from home, when I was home. One thing the pandemic did was to make people more home bound. This may be good or bad depending on a person, and of course your home conditions. I'm glad to say I am in the position where I prefer to be at home than out. While often at home, we still went on some excursions. To use up the Singapore Rediscover Voucher.  Now is a good time to go, where you don't need to squeeze with everyone, unlike pre- pandemic. This  space when I go out is an uplift to my standard of living.  In terms of education, I start relying less on enrichment and more on books/ materials when teaching my kids. I realize what the centre can cover in a month is a fraction of what they can learn if you teach. And you can make teaching a lot easier by buying good materials such as books and follow the book. l come

A Year in review for 2021 - Health ( Part 3)

This is part 2 of 6 of my year in review for 2021. The area of focus here will be health. When we get older, health becomes a greater concern. I did a health checkup mid this year, and one item on the list was a relatively high cholesterol. The good one was ok. The bad one was high.  My weight also ballooned after I stopstop lactation. In a span of half a year, my weight ballooned 10+ kg. The effect of eating the same amount after lactation.  I looked around for diets for reference, and decided on a low carb diet. I really love rice, noodles, and so on. Basically starchy starchy stuff. But they are low in nutrients, and fattening. So I tried a rather low carb diet. I also started putting exercise back to my life. There's a running track near my place, and I started running. I chose running because the track was so near that I could hardly give myself excuse not to. If I chose swimming, I could use the excuse of not being able to book a slot. So I run. It was timely that the new sea

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