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OCBC 360 vs UOB One account - Are you still optimizing these accounts?

OCBC 360 and UOB One have have changed their interest rates, and the requirement to meet maximum interest for quite a number of time since I've signed up on them. Honestly, I have lost track of what's required of me until recently.  I got charged an annual fee for OCBC  Plus! Visa credit card recently. Like everyone, I immediately  tried to apply for waiver. I tried online and was  immediately rejected, so I tried via phone and was rejected as well. The automated call also advise me that it will not be reviewed. So... I called up the bank to ask why. And I did. And I realize why... I didn't meet the annual minimum spend. Turns out, I need to spend $2500 per year for the annual fee to be waived.   So I requested to cancel the card, and the annual fee will not be charged if I cancel. Of course I cancelled it. And, I have no more credit card with OCBC. Do I need a new credit card with OCBC? I took a look at OCBC 360 account and realized credit card spend is no longer a require
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This is more important than cost, location when buying a BTO

Buying a home is a big purchase. Most people talk about location, mortgages, prices and so on when purchasing a BTO. But after applying for one, getting it, and forgoing it during the wait, I can be certain that locations, prices and so on aren't the key factors. I applied for a BTO and got to select one many many years back. It was those days when BTO just took about 3 years, but the one that we end up choosing had a 5- 6 year timeline because of its height and also location. In terms of the BTO that we had gotten (and of course forgone years back), it was great. Location - checked. Price - perfect (you can't get a 5- room flat any cheaper in that location than a BTO. LOL), Facing - perfect (no west sun, and so on).   So what? How perfect it was in price, location, facing and so on, I didn't get it at the end of the day.  The timeline didn't fit my life and after a few years o waiting, I was seriously not going to waste my time waiting for it. I have a plan, and that h

My Foray into Online Teaching and How Much I made

I was busy for the last quarter and for this quarter as well, and the year passed so quickly. One of the item I was busy with was starting some side income. I did some engineering consultancy work (haven't gotten paid yet), tuition, and online teaching. One of the item that I was seriously considering was online teaching and I ventured in via the most common online learning platform (which enables you to learn on your schedule on any topic anytime you like). Yes, this is the slogan of Udemy. I got this idea for teaching on Udemy from this famous finance blogger in Singapore here - years back . I didn't reference the blogpost, because I can't find it. I found it months back, but today when I searched, I couldn't.  Anyways, long story short. I recalled reading that the author learnt piano online on Udemy. This wasn't the main topic of the post (it was reflection of his year), by anyways, when I read it, that sticked to my mind. No idea why. But shortly after, my frien

Ode to 1980s

2021 is the year those born in 2000 are 21 years old. As a 1980s being, it's like 2 generation from me, and yes, it's time for the 2000s to make waves, just like decades back, it was the 1980s making waves, and in recent years we see the waves made by those born in the 1990s. I wouldn't be surprise to have a 1990s being my manager or superior. Behold, but... Hey, 1980s folks, if you feel your time of the life is over, it's not. Definitely not. It is newsworthy if you are successful at young age. But doesn't mean achieving later in life is anything less. Anyways, there can be fireworks at anytime in your life, you just need to put in the effort and believe in yourself. Oh, yeah, I am doing something crappy (ops, I mean really interesting to me). Launching in July (or when I am done whichever is later). So if you are interested or only if you are interested, do subscribe here . Thanks for reading!

Review of First Quarter

This is my first ever quarter review for the blog. I seldom do quarter reviews. Truth is, there isn't a lot to talk about on what I have done in a quarter. This year is a bit different. In the beginning of the year, I talked about my aspiration for this year -- which is to do nothing . Actually, it wasn't really doing nothing. It's more of doing things only if I feel like. So I started off 2021 high with the goal to do nothing (that I don't feel like doing).  In the end, I end up doing more than I usually do.  Else why would there be any quarterly review. =p Family On the family front, there have been more outings with the kids, thanks to the Singapore Rediscover Vouchers, and of course some out of my own pocket, many free. But anyways, for a long time I guess I won't need to go overseas. I rediscovered that there is just too much, and so much to see and do back home, in Sunny Island Singapore. And aren't there a lot of similarities in the places of interest wor

She Got A Paycut taking childcare leave

It's first April, but this is no April fool joke. My friend recently shared with me the Paycut she was subjected to when she took childcare leave. For parents of Singapore citizen, you get 6 days ( per parent) if your child is less than 7 years old and you have worked with your employer for at least 3 continuous months. If your youngest child is between 7 to 12  years old, you get 2  days per parent. More information, see the official website from Ministry of Manpower here . As typical corporate warrior, my friend takes childcare leave before annual leave. Well, childcare leave cannot be brought over to next year and cannot be encashed ( if your company allows encashment of leave). So as usual, she took her childcare leave first before annual leave. However, last month, she noticed that her pay was cut...  Well, her pay was cut not because of her company, not because of anything that she did at work. Rather it was because... Of another clause in childcare leave. If you have 6 days

Why it gets harder to quit your job and start a business

I had been seriously thinking about quitting my job, and just working on the side. But whenever I think of this, I try to compare my earnings to my day job. When I just graduated, my starting pay was $3200. Looking back, this could be easily achieved through a side hustle for example giving tuition. Assuming I am paid $40 an hour, that would be 80 hours of lessons per month, or 20 hours a week ( assuming 4 weeks a month). But as your salary grows to let's say $10000, you will need 200 hours of tuition or in other words 50 hours per week to end your worth of salary. I know, if one wants to earn $10,000 worth of salary from an alternative job, then giving one to one tuition is not the way. Group tuition and other means is a better way to earn more. Why am I talking about this? Well, I am seriously considering taking a step back in career. But I have yet to have enough passive income, and holy crap, the thought of losing my current income just scares everything out of me. So when I wa