Thursday, 29 April 2021

Ode to 1980s

2021 is the year those born in 2000 are 21 years old. As a 1980s being, it's like 2 generation from me, and yes, it's time for the 2000s to make waves, just like decades back, it was the 1980s making waves, and in recent years we see the waves made by those born in the 1990s. I wouldn't be surprise to have a 1990s being my manager or superior.

Behold, but... Hey, 1980s folks, if you feel your time of the life is over, it's not. Definitely not. It is newsworthy if you are successful at young age. But doesn't mean achieving later in life is anything less. Anyways, there can be fireworks at anytime in your life, you just need to put in the effort and believe in yourself.

Oh, yeah, I am doing something crappy (ops, I mean really interesting to me). Launching in July (or when I am done whichever is later). So if you are interested or only if you are interested, do subscribe here.

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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Review of First Quarter

This is my first ever quarter review for the blog. I seldom do quarter reviews. Truth is, there isn't a lot to talk about on what I have done in a quarter.

This year is a bit different.

In the beginning of the year, I talked about my aspiration for this year -- which is to do nothing. Actually, it wasn't really doing nothing. It's more of doing things only if I feel like. So I started off 2021 high with the goal to do nothing (that I don't feel like doing). 

In the end, I end up doing more than I usually do. 

Else why would there be any quarterly review. =p


On the family front, there have been more outings with the kids, thanks to the Singapore Rediscover Vouchers, and of course some out of my own pocket, many free. But anyways, for a long time I guess I won't need to go overseas. I rediscovered that there is just too much, and so much to see and do back home, in Sunny Island Singapore. And aren't there a lot of similarities in the places of interest worldwide? I had been to central park ( New  York) a few times in the past, and recently, I found out I have a gem just a few stations from my home --- Botanic Garden. Awesome swan lakes with turtles - my son love them too much.  So much greenery and grass for picnic. Only complain I have is the heat... 

I went to the  Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore to see the dinosaur bones ( as highlight). Definitely not as big as the one in London, but you know what? It's an awesome place for kids. Firstly, it's not crowded. And then the place is small enough that you don't need to hold on too tight to kids' hands, and they can roam around freely in the direction they like. My daughter loves butterflies, and she looked while my son spend his time at the dinosaur area. The baby( not too baby anymore) just walk around. It's a small place but with lots of content (exhibits). 

We( more of my partner) have also been actively teaching my daughter to get her prepared for primary one. No, not the academic stuff which they will learn anyway. But other more important things like how to buy stuff, getting the change, ordering food, how to ask for directions, for things, and so on.


On the career front, it's quiet. for now... My manager has been talking about visiting our factories overseas when the travel restrictions are lifted. Let's see how it goes. I am keeping my fingers crossed. The factories are in really nice places, Europe,  Japan etc. But, somehow, I am no longer interested in travel. The thought of going up the plane makes me sick.

Greatest highlight is the amount of time I need to go back to office each week. Yucks. After working from home for so long, I start to understand why working from office is a sheer waste of time. Travelling is tiring, and so so so time consuming. Interaction with human beings tires me. Anyway, I have no need to be in office. I work with overseas factories which has nothing to do with any of my colleagues. My manager is also based overseas. Anyway, I really dislike being inside the office. It's so boring. I realize I am a true ISTP. 

Self- Improvement

One of the big highlight is to take a personality test see here. And I'm a ISTP.

Going forward, I will be focusing on things that suit my personality more rather than those that don't. If I hate socializing (I use hate, because I don't just dislike), and is deeply in love in solitude, why should I open myself to things that I don't want when I don't need to? True ISTP at play. 

Trying Out Things - when I feel like
On the personal development front, I made this year a time to just do what I like. And it turned out different from what I expected. I had expected this year to be full of good sleep, binge watch TVs, and maybe spending most of my time day- dreaming. Rather, I spend a good big part of my first quarter in front of the computer.

And, actually, I'm proud to have tried many things. 

The most notable is to do freelance consultant work for my friend. Something I never thought I would venture into. My friend asked if I could help him in a project he got, and I agreed. Still in the midst of it, but, well let's see how it goes. 

I also tried other stuff like online teaching and went back to tutoring kids. These made me so busy. 

I have not been waking up early to do my things for a long time (you see, usually I wake up early to feed the kids, get them ready for school, and get me ready for work). But in recent week, I've been waking up consistently at 4 am or so to do stuff in front of the PC that has nothing to do with my day job. 

And the best is, I wake up early to do so not because I need to do so, but because I really want to. The consultancy work I do interests me. Teaching also interests me. 

On entertainment front, I have been watching much TV. It's what I expected when I wanted to just live life as it is. Anyway, I am hooked to Chinese drama and Chinese novels. I never explored Chinese dramas much, until recently, I realized how well they are made, not only in the plot, scenery, effects, music and so on. Quality are as good, and if not better and many other countries. I won't be surprise if they make big waves in time to come (or have they already without me realizing)?

Anyways, time to go to work again.

Have a good day ahead.

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Thursday, 1 April 2021

She Got A Paycut taking childcare leave

It's first April, but this is no April fool joke. My friend recently shared with me the Paycut she was subjected to when she took childcare leave.

For parents of Singapore citizen, you get 6 days ( per parent) if your child is less than 7 years old and you have worked with your employer for at least 3 continuous months. If your youngest child is between 7 to 12  years old, you get 2  days per parent. More information, see the official website from Ministry of Manpower here.

As typical corporate warrior, my friend takes childcare leave before annual leave. Well, childcare leave cannot be brought over to next year and cannot be encashed ( if your company allows encashment of leave). So as usual, she took her childcare leave first before annual leave.

However, last month, she noticed that her pay was cut... 

Well, her pay was cut not because of her company, not because of anything that she did at work. Rather it was because...

Of another clause in childcare leave. If you have 6 days of childcare leave per year, the employer pays for the first  days. For the next three days, your employer will get reimbursed by the government. 

If you were to look at MOM website on childcare leave, you will notice that for each day, payment is capped at $500 per day including CPF contribution. 

She earns more than $500 per day, hence this explains the pay cut when she took her childcare leave. When I asked her why did she take so long to find out about this, and she mentioned that she was not subjected to this cut in her previous company. To be fair, for the first 3 days of her childcare leave, her employer paid the full amount. It was from the fourth to sixth day( when the company claims from MOM) is she them subjected to the pay cut.

This reimbursement from MOM is done by the employer ( usually HR) behind the scene. Apparently most employers just pay the difference. But there are some that pay the exact amount they get from MOM. 

So, if you are a high income earners, and took all your childcare leave without any paycut, thank the government and your employer for the last 3 days of your childcare leave.

Have a great day!