Thursday, 15 December 2016

Ditch the New Year Resolution

Having reviewed and reflected on 2016, I decided that I need goals for 2017.

Many of us have set new year resolutions, and how many of us actually achieve what we have set?

For me, new year resolution is crap. They are never effective for me. One week before the "deadline", I will be cramping stuff to complete, so that I do a bit, and the year doesn't look so bad. 零时抱佛脚。。。However, the amount accomplished is so minute that they do not materialize into something substantial enough.

So for 2017, I am not going to make annual goals.

Since I am the last minute type of person, and there is a limited amount that I can do last minute for a year of work, annual goals don't work for me. At the same time, I am a "result orientated" person. I don't want bad results when I evaluate myself, so I will try to do something when the deadline comes. So, why not set new month resolutions or new week resolutions? Even if I were to work one week per month on something, more's going to be better than one week per year right?

I am going to break down the goals that I want to achieve in 2017 into extremely small tasks, and create my monthly resolution -- weekly will be too time consuming and I am quite sure I will lose track with 52 weeks.

Instead of waiting for the countdown to 2017 before I begin accomplishing my goals, why not do it now. 择日不如撞日。

I have created a template file to track my monthly goals. If you like to have a template, feel free to download it from the link below.
Monthly Goals by REna on Scribd


  1. You have a "My Goals" page on your blog. How are you tracking with them? Good idea to have monthly goals that you can monitor more frequently!


    1. Hi TFS,
      Thanks for the comment!

      The goals are relatively long term, and unless they are broken down into smaller pieces, it's going to be very hard to track progress, and to work on them.