Saturday, 17 October 2015

A luxury breakfast @ MacDonalds

I woke up early today (considering that it's now Saturday in Singapore), and decided to have a hearty breakfast at MacDonalds opposite my place. I must say that having breakfast at 6 plus in the morning is good. You enjoy the serenity, away from the hustle and bustle, which will flood most of Singapore by 8 a.m. At 6 + a.m., you see more staff than people eating within (I'm not counting those who take out) Macs.

At 6 + a.m., you get to choose whatever seat you like (since most are not occupied), and the nice background music is soothing, without noise created with too many people talking. Best is, it is air- conditioned, good for hazy weather here.

So to enjoy the above, a paid $5.80 for my Sausage Egg Muffin Meal (I changed my drink to a milo).
macdonal breakfast

It's considered a luxury for me. Luxury, is something that you will pay many times that of the normal amount.  Luxury is something you don't have very often (last time I ate Macs was about a month ago).

You see, since breakfast at home cost just $1 plus, breakfast at a Kopitiam will cost about $3. $5.80 can feed me about 2 meals if I select cheap hawker/ market food, or feed me for the whole day if I decided to eat cheaply at home.

A luxury indeed. But, for today, I enjoyed the ambience.

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