Friday, 14 February 2020

Why the "Panic Buying" last week made me more confident of Singapore

Last week Friday, I received a WhatsApp message from my friend to stockup on food as the government raised the Dorscon alert of orange. Subsequently,  I went to the grocery shop and to my horror, the queue was way longer than Chinese New Year. I went around surveying what was almost empty, and what was left (Coffee and potato chips shelves are still full --- good enough for me), and went instead to shop for groceries online.

For the rest of the weekend, my WhatsApp chats/ chat groups are making a memes of the trolley loads of instant noddles, empty shelves and so on. This incident may make some feel pai- seh to be Singaporean, but instead, I feel extremely proud.  This is why.

People are supposedly "emptying supermarkets through buying", and the queues are horrendously long. Isn't it worded as panic buying? The fact that there are queues and we are still buying (not looting), means, PEOPLE ARE STILL OBSERVING ORDER amid the "panic"! Also, did I miss it? I didn't see news of people fighting (unlike when people queue for Hello Kitty).

We are supposed to have "emptied supermarket shelves of essentials", and the restocking takes time (for the workers to put items back to shelf, and also the entire process to bring the stuff to the supermarkets). I went to the supermarket near my place on Sunday, it's well stocked. I heard from others this is the case at the supermarket they visit too. This boils down not just to the efficiency of the staff at the supermarkets, but the entire group of people in supply chain. And for people to do it effectively, we need a good process in place . I'm so proud of the efficiency of us in Singapore and the processes we have written!

One day after the panic buying, our prime minister gave a speech to us, updating us on the developments, possible outcomes, and what we should do (very paternalistic). The speech was well crafted, and the video looks professional. I am not a Youtuber or a media person. But when I watch YouTube, the youtubers always say that they take a lot of time to produce a good video. Our government is able to put such a well- crafted speech and video in less than 24 hours. Proud of the civil servants and government.

I'm indifferent to politics. The only time I participate in anything political is once in about 5 years, when I put a cross beside one of the logos. But this time round,  I'm impressed. VERY very impressed to be exact.

PM Lee's speech was well drafted. I agree with the measures if there were community spread. And of course, showing us with concrete facts. For instance, our government assure us that there is adequate supplies of necessity, and this is proven by a swiftly restocked supermarket which we can all see for ourselves. And what's more. We have the supermarkets echoing what the government's assurance. Where else can you see such a united country? And what's even more of the more, we residents of Singapore have trust in our government and systems.

I have all family, assets and everything in Singapore. This is the country that I am born and bred. My kids are also born and live here. And this incident make me even more sure that this is the place where I want my kids to be in. A stable and relatively safe place, and people of all walks in life who do the right things to ensure this stability and safety.


Have a great weekend.

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